I come from a music oriented family of nine kids. I have been singing classic country and bluegrass for as long as I can remember.

My sister Bonnie, taught me to play the guitar around the age of 8 as she would trap me in her room and wouldn’t let me out until she thought I had practiced enough.

 I would constantly badger my dad after he had come home from working 3rd shift to play and sing with me, and even being tired, he would always oblige.

My all-time music idols would have to be my Dad, “The Hag”, Hank Sr., Marty Robbins (not related) and Merle Travis.

Other than music, I enjoy snow skiing, fishing (the 2 things my wife, Robin and I can do together), hunting, woodworking and nickel and dime poker games with our “uptown poker club”.

As far as sports go, are there any other teams besides the Bengals, Reds and Buckeyes? I also enjoy watching softball as long as my son, Levi is playing.

When I have time to watch TV, I enjoy the History Channel, Discovery or, of course, ESPN.

Enough about me and a little about the group. Our band Flat Out was born out of necessity.

 Charlie and I got together to play a one time New Year’s Eve show several years ago, and the rest is history. As most bands do, we went through a few changes. Randy, Darin and I played together 30 years ago in a band called Southbound, so they were an easy fit. And with the addition of 2 great musicians in Larry and Darrell we have molded together a band to be proud of.


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